About accuBITZ

accuBITZ is owned and operated by American Estate & Trust LC. (AET). AET is a Trust Company licensed in the State of Nevada (License # TR10009) . We are leader in the Self Directed IRA and 401k market. AET developed the accuBITZ platform to make it simple, quick and safe for people to invest in cryptocurrency via their retirement accounts or non-retirement funds.

As a State of Nevada licensed trust company, AET meets all state requirements for capital reserves and bonding. The company is regulated and examined by Nevada Financial Institutions Division (FID), which is the state's financial institutions regulatory body. American Estate & Trust, LC (AET) wholly owns and operates the web site accuBITZ.com.

Under our license from Nevada, and under Internal Revenue Service regulations, AET is allowed to provide full custodial and administrative services for IRAs, 401(k)s, health and educational savings accounts, and personal, non-retirement account custodial administrative services.

You can search for licensee records by clicking on this link: fid.nv.gov. You will need to search for American Estate & Trust as the licensee name.

Our Vision


We provide tools and technology that simplifies and enables the cryptocurrency transaction processes for non-technical people.


We bring banking to cryptocurrency. We accomplish this by strengthening and hardening cryptocurrency transactions and holdings through our regulated and compliant processes and state of the art crypto security protocols and technology.


We apply institutional, banking best practices and bank grade security to your cryptocurrency transactions and holdings.

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+1 (866) 654-6111


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6900 Westcliff Drive, Ste. 603 Las Vegas, NV 89145